Hackathon 2016

We had our second worldwide Hackathon a short while ago. Check out the video to get a feel of the event.


As part of the hackathon event, we had a few informative Tech Talks. Here are the videos:

Parquet Format
By Dave Oshinsky
SOLR & Lucene
By Tirthankar Chatterjee
NLP (Natural Language Processing)
By Pavan Kumar Reddy
.NET on Linux
By Tony Tian & Prosenjit Sinha

Featured projects

Here are some of the projects that our talented Vaulters have built. Click here to access the material of all hackathon projects, including their demo details.
dareDevil Daredevil
A device which could help differently abled people by being their eyes, ears and mouth.
SNoT SNoT: A Secured Net of Things
An attempt to integrate CV Data platform to ease things with IoT devices.
Switter Switter
A twitter integration into salesforce.
Humana Humana: A Human touch to Simpana
Make Simpana search a Natural Language based Search by merely talking to the Search interface over microphone.
Simpana_X Simpana X
Changes to scale simpana using optimized DS, algo and task distribution.
CV_Voice Commvault Voice
Commvault Voice is to enable services delivered either through product purchase or as SaaS and perform operations over voice or text commands.
CVFuze CVFuze : Build applications using Commvault Microservices as a platform
A team management full stack application that has Event Management, Event scheduling, Chat, Message broadcasting, Analytics all on top of Commvaults Data Platform REST API.
Data_flow Data Flow Profiling
A simplified view of how data moves across the organization.
Android Cloud Based Virtual Drive for Android
A virtual drive for Android that has its backend based on various cloud storage services.
AutoUpdate My Box
A system that can can apply deep learning algorithms on the images.
Brick The Brick
A simple framework to make event broadcasting on a network. It can be used to automate things on a PC as well.
Risk_analyzer Web Risk Analyzer
A framework to integrate and automate multiple tests and thus improve the process of security testing for web-applications.
CVHome Commvault Home
Your daily catchup. A platform to provide information cards.
Medical_img Medical Image Continuous Classification System
An IoT kind of device to help classify medical data.
Confluence Confluence
An application to create a forum where developers within Commvault can post questions and seek help from subject matter experts.
Admin_assist Admin Assistant
Admin assistant is an admin app interacting with an expert system to monitor the CommCell and take required actions using voice commands.
Moovon Moovon
Moovon app is a health advisor that helps CV Professionals to keep track of their movements during their work time.
ElasticSolr ElasticSolr
To make both ElasticSearch and Solr work by pointing same index simultaneously which dramatically increases the querying and indexing power.
Racing Augmented Racing PRO
Racing with both Mobile and Track with opponent in geographically distinct locations.
Simpana_Fx Simpana Fx
Automatic Gui Java Fx components generation from .x structures.which provides rich looks for our Simpana GUI.
Testcase_validate Automatic test setup creation and test case validation.
Automate end to end build on the existing automation framework and vm provisioning methods.
SocialMedia Social Media Management for Small Businesses
To help small businesses like restaurants and cafes boost sales and customer engagement through an automated social media presence.
Outlook_addin Outlook Addin to tag/post articles to KB
An Addin to effortlessly tag emails as knowledge base articles and made searchable in a forum-type internal website.
EdgeApp Reduce Clutter on Edge Monitor App
A new Reduce Clutter option on CommVault Edge Monitor App that will scan the laptop and show old unnaccessed items to delete.
DetectRansomware Ransomware detection
Detecting ransomware by observing I/O patterns of a process & calculating entropy in its data buffer.
VoiceAdministration SMS and Voice based Administration and Monitoring
Using SMS messages and voice commands to perform backups, manage alerts and events, monitor job status and create new VMs.
CVParty CVParty
A token based file access platform that provides access to files only to users to whom the storer has provided tokens.
StorageFramework Vendor Agnostic Framework to Manage Storage Arrays
To provide an open-source vendor-agnostic interface to allow developers the ability to leverage storage subsystem features in a consistent and unified manner.
VirtualDb Database virtualization using Containers
To leverage the container technology to quickly build and deploy application for test, hardware/cloud migration and backup copy using Hardware snapshot for data & Linux containers for the application environment and OS.
CloudDR Commvault Ready-to-Use Cloud DR
Using Commvault backups, set up replica of customer site at any cloud vendor and have the DR ready at any cloud vendor automatically in minutes.
CVTRacker CVTRacker
Providing a seamless interface for Development teams and Management to track and analyze customer TRs received on a daily basis across product releases and service packs with provision to generate custom reports for extensive analysis.
Big-Data Real-time (Instant) Processing of Big-Data
An attempt to explore a robust platform for processing real-time streaming data. Apache Flink and Kafka has been studied and experimented on the streaming logs data to process alerts in real-time.
Archiving Policy based Multi-tier Archiving
To determine the least accessed files/folders using K-Means and Elbow Algorithm to archive them to Auxiliary/secondary storage.
MDM MDM Advantage
Enabling Mobile device management from mobile phones and web console.
CVS_plugin CVS plugin for Visual Studio
A visual studio plug-in to integrate CVS version control with visual studio.
Openstack Openstack Live volume
A configuration hack to export Commvault Backup as Cinder volumes.

Battle of the Bots

The first ever bot fight game in Commvault: Mancala or Kalah

		Mancala is a board game played between two individuals. The aim is to score maximum points to win the game.


		Rules of the Mancala Game:

		1.	Each player has 6 holes and 1 home pit on board they are numbered 1 to 6 from left to right.
		2.	Four stones are initially placed in each of the 12 holes.
		3.	Each player has a home pit to keep captured stones.
		4.	The game begins with one player picking up all of the stones in any one of the holes on his side.
			Moving counter-clockwise, the player deposits one of the stones in each hole until the stones run out.
		5.	If you run into your own home pit, deposit one piece in it. If you run into your opponent's home pit you have to skip it.
		6.	If the last piece you drop is in your own store, you get a free turn.
		7.	If the last piece you drop is in an empty hole on your side, you capture that piece and any pieces in the hole directly	opposite. Always place all captured pieces in your home pit.
		8.	The game ends when all six holes on either side of the Mancala board are empty.
		9.	The player who still has pieces in holes on his side of the board when the game ends captures all of those pieces and put them in the home pit.

		The winner is the player with the most pieces in their home pit at end.

		Rules for the bots:

		1.	Bot can be written in any language.
		2.	Every bot will have to implement following 4 operations which will be read via STDIN and output written on STDOUT.


		3.	Bots will have to maintain the state of mancala board and predict the best next move.
		4.	Your bot will be invoked with an argument which is the filename where you can log your and other player moves.
			These logs files will be saved for handling any discrepancy later.
		5.	There is a time out for predicting next move. If your bot takes more than 2 secs for any move it loses automatically.
		6.	In case your bot crashes or makes any illegal move you lose the game.
		7.	In case of this automatic loss other bot will be given max 48 points.
		8.	If you team name is ABC name your program should be in one file named ABC_bot. cpp or .py or .java etc.

		Sequence of Operation:

		1.	Controller starts both the bots, giving you the player id.
		2.	Controller sends message to the one player to make his move.
		3.	Player replies back to controller with his move.
		4.	Controller validates the move.
		5.	Controller sends last move to other player for his knowledge.
		6.	Other Player acknowledges that he noted down the move.
		7.	Controllers identify the next player, and sends message asking him to move.
		8.	Continue with step 2, until game is over.
		9.	Controller judges the winner.

		Judgement rules:

 		There will be two games played between bots each one given first move once for fairness.
		At the end of each game bots will have scored points [0 to 48] for that game.
		Scores of both the games will be added and the bot with higher score wins the game.
		In case of a tie, controller also records the time taken by bots in each move, the bot which took less time will win the game.
		As the bots win, they will keep moving to the next round and winner of the FINAL match will be WINNER.

Winner and Finalists

Here is the winner and the finalists of Bot Fight.

Credits & Thanks

Thanks to all the 110+ hackers who helped make this another successful hackathon! The creativity and innovation were second to none.

And of course, none of it would've been possible without the following individuals working behind the scenes to make it happen - listed in no particular order...

Ankur Varsheny
Manoj Pradhan
Abhishek Narulkar
Kevin Low
Deepthi Ratan
Manoj Jadhav
Kiran Shettigar
Chris Alonzo
Tanmay Garg
Eric Delgado
Linda Ronan
Mahendra Gaur
Karthikeyan Natarajan
Amit Mahajan
Jyoti Sharma
Michael Klose
Swetha M
Vijayan T

And many others behind the scenes taking photos/videos and facilitating the event...

And to the judges who sat patiently and intently through 9 hours of project presentations:

- Doug Swallow
- Amit Mitkar
- Prosenjit Sinha
- Nikhil Marathe
- Tirthankar Chatterjee

And 2 judges for the IDC demos:

- Suma Seshadri
- Milind Renarpurkar

Hackathon 2015

We had our first hackathon at all our engineering centers a short while ago. Here are some of the projects that our talented engineers have built.

Featured projects

Click here to access the material of all hackathon projects, including their demo details.
CVCorner CVCorner
CV's internal social network.
SlickPix Job Controller Visualizer
A different way to visualize the current clients, MediaAgents and jobs running on them.
RptHunters RptHunters
Search for required report with Report Name, column name, Chart, Description, Report type.
Login with credentials : admin/admin to access the site.
foodRec Food Recommendation Engine
"What Can I Cook With This?" - Put in the any ingredients you have and the webpage will output what food you can make.
GiveMeABreak GiveMeABreak
A utility to pull in the changes from the subscribed repositories and compile the projects corresponding to the binaries automatically.
OutlookNinja Outlook Ninja
E-Mail classifier - auto-summarize emails in thread, automatic classification of important emails, email sentiment analysis, commitment reminder.
StackTracer StackTracer
StackTracer is a tool for developer to debug a core dump file on a webpage.
MagicEraser Magic Eraser
An Image organizing utility 'integrated into Simpana' to help reduce clutter in Images
KricKet KricKet
An Android app for Cricket lovers that allows users to view scorecard highlighting game stats. Allows a scorer to edit the score and send data such as runs, outs, etc, realtime using the app.
SlickPix SlickPix
Utility to clean out duplicate pictures to reclaim space. Also dynamically creates albums to organize your pictures.
SlickPix Access Control using NFC
NFC for Access control systems.
SlickPix Application Cluster Backups
Utility for Application Cluster Backups.
SlickPix Block Level Data Detection
OSC Block level Backup and block size change monitoring utility.
SlickPix Commserve SQL Monitor
A lightweight always-on monitor-correct-collect utility that will be a one-stop-shop for all SQL issues.
SlickPix Container Provisioning
Utility for container provisioning
SlickPix CV Groups
CV Groups is group oriented internal social networking app.
SlickPix Data Analysis and Visualization
Business intelligence tool to mine data from different data source having one or more common property and visualize the outcome as a report.
SlickPix Eng Talks
An interactive online forum to help mentor new hires.
SlickPix Feature Tracking System
Web application designed to track individual features of every team and show similar TRs.
SlickPix Hardware Encryption Simulation for VTL
Utility to support Hardware Encryption for Virtual Tape Library.
SlickPix In Out Tracker
Tracker to track the devices and people within or out of the network premises.
SlickPix InterFace
InterFace - Face Detection and Recognition from image files and live webcam.
SlickPix Data Converter
Utility to move data from normal SQL database to .parquet format.
SlickPix Replication Using Bittorrent
A tool to replicate using Bittorrent.
SlickPix SRCU
An algorithm that avoids write starvation with nearly concurrent reads.
SlickPix System Discovery
A re-written tool which aims to collect metadata on customersÂ’ environment faster than existing solution that can generate live, customizable reports.
SlickPix Vehicle Pooling System
A system which the employees can use for car pooling.
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